Horus Heresy Tactica: Legion Veteran Tactical Squad

The Legion Veteran Tactical Squad is where exceptional and experienced warriors will be found. They are awarded further training in all the various arts of war, and can look to one day be inducted into special warrior brotherhoods, martial cults, or specific veteran companies. They are the ones that all Astartes aspire to become, and they make up the pool of future commanders.

So how does this epic level of martial ability and training translates into the game. Honestly, the Veteran Squad has the stats and wargear that I think all marines should have, but sadly Games Workshop never consulted me. When you look at it however, that is ultimately what this squad is: a tooled up Tactical Squad. Let’s jump in and see what me get and can do.

Right out of the box these guys come with Power Armor, Bolter, Bolt Pistol, and Close combat weapon along with the special rule Veteran Tactics, which we will look over.

Take an additional 5 marines                                Take as this opens up an additional special weapon
Nuncio-vox                                                                Nice option for this unit
Legion Vexilla                                                           Not necessary
All models can have Melta Bombs                      Overkill. 1-3 models having them is enough
All models can have Power Weapons                 Overkill. 1-3 models having them is enough

For every 5 models the unit can have one of the following:
Volkite Charger                                                      Much better options
Melta Gun                                                               Still a good choice to take even in 6th edition
Plasma Gun                                                            Very good choice
Heavy Flamer                                                        Leave this at home
Heavy Bolter w/ Suspensor web                       This is what you’ll want. You can move and shot, or you can have…
Missile Launcher w/ Suspensor web               Again, you have the ability to have 2 of these with a full squad and can move and shoot

Sergeant can have:
Power Fist                                                             A good choice for the points
Lightning Claw                                                    A good choice if you are worried about initiative attacks
Thunder hammer                                               Too much for this particular unit
Artificer armor                                                    I would not take since only the sergeant can have it
Combi-weapon                                                   Smart choice since it can basically give you 3 special weapons
Plasma Pistol                                                      Pointless with the other special weapons you might have

Upgrade missile launcher to Flakk                A wise choice since Skyfire units are hard to find

The Veteran Tactics special rule allows you to choice one of the following Universal Special rules for the Legion Veteran squad: Fearless, Sniper, Furious Charge, Outflank, Tank Hunters.

As I said before, this is a tooled up Tactical Squad, and the Veteran Tactics special rule makes them a bit better at a particular job. To put it simply, this unit is more likely better used to support you HQ choice or treated a bit like Sternguard, which is the reason for the picture. Yes, they may have 2 Attacks and 2 Close combat weapons, but I personally would not throw these guys willy-nilly into close combat. Out of the Universal Special rules you can get, there are only 3 that speak to me as fitting this squad and the best way to use this squad: Fearless, Sniper, and Outflank. Let’s talk business and get some builds out of these guys.

Option 1
Sergeant w/ Combi-weapon and Melta Bombs. 10 man squad. 2 Plasma guns. Special Rule Outflank or Sniper. The special weapons in this build could be switched with the Heavy Bolter or Missile Launcher. The point of this unit is simple, move to an objective and hold it. The Sniper rule is particularly nasty for this as you can get Precision Shots and Rending on Plasma guns, Heavy Bolter, and Missile shots.

Option 2
Sergeant w/ Power Weapon. 10 man squad. 2 power weapons. 2 Heavy Bolters. Special Rule: Fearless. This costs a bit more, but has an equally simple approach, move around the board and kill infantry units. I shouldn’t have to say that you probably won’t want to send this unit towards heavy infantry or even HQ units, but it should make short work of regular Troop Choices or Devastator like squads. Shoot the unit and then assault it and repeat.

I’m sure there are many other builds that many of you will point out. However, given other units available in the Horus Heresy army list. I really only see this unit as a sold fire support unit that moves in and clears out objectives for friendly units to come in and claim.

It is best to keep this guys cheap and simple. They will survive and kill in close combat, but it is best to have these guys shooting. Increasing the squad to a 10 man squad is a most since you will then be able to have 2 special weapons. It will then be best to give them a special veteran rule and weapons that will aid them in killing infantry and Troop choice units.

Project Diary: Coastal Assault

Many of modeling projects, such as my Chaos Death Guard army and a pre-heresy army, have been put on hold since I’ve decided to participate in Coastal Assault this year. All my “online” projects and such will continue, so you’ll still get weekly updates on the Horus Heresy tactics, and Battle Reports as I finish them (I a couple weeks behind on those). I mentioned earlier in my Space Wolves Tournament List post. It’s only three months away, and I want to make sure I have a completed army, which is why I’ve put everything else on hold until then. I spent most of today going over what all Space Wolves I had, and what I would need. After this weekends play test of my previously posted list, I’ve gone back and begun to make changes. The sad thing is that I haven’t fully nailed down a final list. However, what I am certain to take and what has become the core of the more recent lists I’ve made has been compiled into a nice little Excel sheet.


There’s not too much to do, and I’m certain I can get it all done in three months. I just need to decide on the other elements that I’m going to take so I can add them to the check list. Even the stuff that I don’t know yet about taking won’t be much and won’t take much longer to complete. The only things I’m stuck on whether or not to take are Land Speeders, Bikers, Lone Wolves, another Rune Priest, or just take some more Wolf Guard. I’ll probably post the various lists that I’ve come up with on the forums and here. Until then, I would love to hear any suggestions, and I’ll keep things updated as I complete things.

Pre-Heresy Death Guard Color Scheme Test Models

Edit note: I was able to find the Forgeworld Pre-heresy Painting Guide later today. I’ll gather the supplies and see how I do. Though I have to try and figure out by what they mean by high light: is it a line high light, layer high light, dry brush high light. I’m also going to try and find color matches in the Vallejo range since they are easy to mix and easier to thin.

With the release of the first Horus Heresy book from Forgeworld, I’ve been itching to make a Death Guard army. I’ve set the personal parameters that I would model the army using the old armors from Forgeworld, and to paint them in their classic legion color. However, I’ve hit an interesting problem with the Death Guard. It seems that there’s a prevailing idea that Death Guard armor is white

I’m personally not a fan of this color scheme for a number of reasons. Most of the fluff describe their armor as a grey, white color, or as one passage put it “the color of a stormy sky.” To me, that makes the armor look more like this:

The best way I can describe it is that it is the color of unpainted, untreated metal. Obviously, white does not fit that idea, picture, or description, and frankly, I don’t want and don’t like to paint white armor.

However, that are a few rare interpretations that do more of a cream color similar to what Forgeworld does for their Death Guard models as seen here:

I will be honest and tell you that I do like this color. It gives the model and therefore the army a bit more character than just plan grey or white. It also compliments the green a lot better and makes it stand out more.

As a result of this wondering and thinking, I decided to create two test models. One in the traditional and fluffy style of grey, and the other in the Forgeworld cream style. This is what I got.

I’ll start by saying that my lighting is not great. I do not own a “true light” light or whatever you call the lights that are true white lights. My personal thoughts on the models are that they came out not too bad. For the cream model, I feel like it doesn’t match what Forgeworld did. Either do a few more layers of light dry brushing with the white, or I’m just using the wrong color combinations and methods. The green I think I went too dark, and is probably not a match for what is used for Death Guard. I started with GW’s Catachan Geen/Vallejo Olive Grey and did a quick dry brush of Vallejo Olive Green. In the end, I’m feeling like it looks too much like Deathwing.

The grey model was simple, but seems to be lacking something. Perhaps I could have done another dry brush of a lighter shade before doing high lighting with the white. Also, I think the green is too light with this model. I’m sure things would look different if I actually finished both models, but I wanted to get an idea for armor color first since that what you see the most.

I would love any thoughts, comments, criticism, and tips. Let me know which one you like best.