Warhammer 40k Space Marine Cosplay: Sizing

This is a project that I’ve been wanting to do and working on for some time. I even got a suit of Space Marine largely built.


However, a few issues arose. For starters, I didn’t realize it, but the size and scale was off on a lot of the armor. I also made mistakes during construction that would make wearing it and its final presentation a bit off. Then there’s the fact that my skills have improved since I began the suit.

As such, I figured I would just start over. This time though I would use Armorsmith Designer to help scale and proportion the pieces better. This is my results.

Right off the suit looks like it’ll work a lot better. I can also go in a work with each piece in the program and on paper before I cut foam thus making sure each piece is exactly the way I want it. The adjustments I made were actually small. I just adjusted the size of the chest, arms, and pauldrons. These adjustments should make the suit a bit easier to wear and fit a bit better. Though that is a relative term. I’ll still hit my goal of being roughly 7 feet tall in it too.


The jump pack is another interesting hurdle. Sadly, it’s the only template out there. While it is okay, I wish it was a bit better. As it is now, I foresee a lot of editing, free handing, decorating to make it better and more in line with how the miniature’s jump pack looks.

I will certainly be adding more as time goes by, but I won’t get truly back to this until after I finish Laura’s Spartan armor. Stay tuned till then.

Halo Armor Build: Spartan Kelly 087 Boots

Well, it’s taken me a little longer to get here than I would like, but the pay off is not bad. After scaling the armor, which I post here, I decided to start with the boots. My though process behind this was that the boots had fewer parts, so if I messed up it’s not much of a problem. They are a “fixed size” meaning that I wouldn’t have to worry about strange shapes and comfort as would for pieces that go on the body.

As with any armor, I started by printing and cutting out the templates, which lead to a couple of mock ups and some head scratching moments. Like the toe piece here.


You can see in this picture that I originally left a lot to the fold and other parts of the original template.


Not happy with that I went back to Armorsmith and edited the templates. Having simplified the patterns even more I finally got started in ernest. The heel was the next part that caused a bit of a problem. I had seen tutorials that said to cut the darts out and tape them together, which you can see that I did.

However, that caused a problem with trying to trace the part onto foam. I basically couldn’t get it flat enough to trace. My solution was to simply cut some of the darts back out, and ignore them on the foam. That leads us to basically the stage I’m at now, which is ready for detail work.

I do plan to make a video wrap up once I’m completely done with the boot, so look forward to that. In the mean time, I’d like to know what other people think.

We Did a Live Stream: Joining the Twitch Scene

Did our first live stream today. It wasn’t very long. I was mainly just testing the waters and making sure everything on the back in was set up right before I dived in to make it my own.

I just quickly put together the templates for Kelly’s boot armor since Laura’s boots should be in any day now. Here’s the final results

I even did the butt plate real quick.

I can certainly see us doing more streaming as we are always doing something and throwing a camera up to record it all doesn’t take much. I will say though that I have much to learn. It seems like the streaming community is very different from the online communities that I normally hang around in. New lingo, different formatting, what is and it’s expected, are just some of the things I’m figuring out.

I have figured out a schedule is going to be needed, and that I’ll need to stick to it. I feel I should figure that out and where to post it before I get to worried about what it means if someone is hosting me or how long a chat message should stay up.

Keep an eye out though as I certainly do more and more.