Another Death Guard Plague Marine Test Model

Plague Marine Test 1

It really isn’t the best picture, but here is (I think) the fifth test model I’ve done trying to get a white paint scheme for my upcoming Plague Marines. I think I’m finally heading in the right direction with this one.

For this model I followed the following steps:

Primed the model grey using Vallejo surface primer

Sprayed the model from below with Badger’s Minitaire’s Mummy

Sprayed the model from 45-90 degree angle using Badger’s Minitaire’s Skull White

I sealed the mini with a satin varnish

I applied a wash mixture of Secret Weapon’s Baby Poop, Sewage Water, and a matt medium in a 3.3.3 mixture.

Afterwards I felt the wash was a bit too yellow, so I tried to clean it up with a makeup applicator and some alcohol. This is the final result. Again, the picture doesn’t do a great job. The miniature’s armor did come back to a white color, but I’ve decided to strip it and try again with a slightly different method. The next test run I’m going to do much the same except I’m going to do a more brown/sepia wash. I’ll seal that, and do some dry-brushing to bring the white back up a bit. I’ll then do another wash with probably the Sewage Water since it’s a more “pukey” green color.

This color scheme is providing a number of challenges that I want pass. The fact is that white is already a tricky color to get right. Add to that the contrary nature of making white (a sort of clean color) and the ideas of a Plague Marine (dirty, diseased, corroded), and one has a big order to fill. I also want to keep the white warm as this will be contrasted nicely with the greyish color tones I plan to you for the skin tones of my marines and daemon engines as well as the dark, cool tones I plan to use for the actual green of the Death Guard.

Thoughts, tips, trick, and comments are certainly welcomed. I usual think through a problem better when I talk about it.

WashesA quick update: While my miniature was sitting in its stripping solution, I got out some of my washes and just did a test pallet of them with out mixing them. You can see the results above. I can see that Baby Poop, while is befitting the legions of Nurgle, will not be a wash I use as it is what keeps yellowing my white. The colors that have caught my attention are the Sewage Water, the Green Black, and the browns and flesh washes that are to the left. I can mix the Secret Weapons’ Flesh Wash with the Vallejo Fleshtone to get a nice sepia. The Sewage Water is a good brown/green mixture, but it’s the Green Black that has my attention. I believe that I can get a good sutdel green stain/shadow using it and do an oil wash of brown when the model is done.

I certainly would like to hear what others think.

Pre-Heresy Death Guard Color Scheme Test Models

Edit note: I was able to find the Forgeworld Pre-heresy Painting Guide later today. I’ll gather the supplies and see how I do. Though I have to try and figure out by what they mean by high light: is it a line high light, layer high light, dry brush high light. I’m also going to try and find color matches in the Vallejo range since they are easy to mix and easier to thin.

With the release of the first Horus Heresy book from Forgeworld, I’ve been itching to make a Death Guard army. I’ve set the personal parameters that I would model the army using the old armors from Forgeworld, and to paint them in their classic legion color. However, I’ve hit an interesting problem with the Death Guard. It seems that there’s a prevailing idea that Death Guard armor is white

I’m personally not a fan of this color scheme for a number of reasons. Most of the fluff describe their armor as a grey, white color, or as one passage put it “the color of a stormy sky.” To me, that makes the armor look more like this:

The best way I can describe it is that it is the color of unpainted, untreated metal. Obviously, white does not fit that idea, picture, or description, and frankly, I don’t want and don’t like to paint white armor.

However, that are a few rare interpretations that do more of a cream color similar to what Forgeworld does for their Death Guard models as seen here:

I will be honest and tell you that I do like this color. It gives the model and therefore the army a bit more character than just plan grey or white. It also compliments the green a lot better and makes it stand out more.

As a result of this wondering and thinking, I decided to create two test models. One in the traditional and fluffy style of grey, and the other in the Forgeworld cream style. This is what I got.

I’ll start by saying that my lighting is not great. I do not own a “true light” light or whatever you call the lights that are true white lights. My personal thoughts on the models are that they came out not too bad. For the cream model, I feel like it doesn’t match what Forgeworld did. Either do a few more layers of light dry brushing with the white, or I’m just using the wrong color combinations and methods. The green I think I went too dark, and is probably not a match for what is used for Death Guard. I started with GW’s Catachan Geen/Vallejo Olive Grey and did a quick dry brush of Vallejo Olive Green. In the end, I’m feeling like it looks too much like Deathwing.

The grey model was simple, but seems to be lacking something. Perhaps I could have done another dry brush of a lighter shade before doing high lighting with the white. Also, I think the green is too light with this model. I’m sure things would look different if I actually finished both models, but I wanted to get an idea for armor color first since that what you see the most.

I would love any thoughts, comments, criticism, and tips. Let me know which one you like best.

Chaos Space Marines Death Guard Kit Bash

I’ve begun the process of making a Chaos Space Marine army. It’s going to be a very slow process, since I’m not making this my main or even secondary army. What I have decided is that I want to do Death Guard. I simply love their pre-heresy fluff, and love the idea of diseased, zombie like space marines. Keeping with the idea that Death Guard is not into a lot of flare or bling, I’m keeping them as basic as I can look wise. I’m going with Forgeworld Mk III Iron Armor for the chest and some arms, Chaos Space Marines legs and backpack. Now, however, I’m stuck on what head to go with. I don’t know if I should go with the Mk III helmet as seen here:

Or to go with what I can only describe as the angry skull like helmet that comes with a squad of Chaos Space Marines as seen here:

These will not be Plague Marines but simply Chaos Space Marines. As it stands, I can really go either way. As for shoulder pads, I’ll probably use a combination of the Death Guard Havoc shoulder pads and the Mk III shoulder pads. Any opinions would be welcomed.

Death Guard Chaos Space Marine: Test Model

With the recent increase over the weekend of all things Chaos, I decided that I’d take a break on building a painting my Fortress of Redemption and paint up a test model of a Death Guard marine. I’ve always said that if I ever did a Chaos army; I would do Death Guard. There’s just something cool about zombie space marines. I also did this test model to get things in order, and to have some idea on how to paint Death Guard when I got around to painting my Dark Vengeance starter box.

Spending a couple of days wandering the internet, I realized that most people simply painted they’re Death Guard using some combination of Gretchen Green, Snot Green, Rotting Flesh, and a brown wash. To me, this didn’t seem to work very well as the greens that people used were too close to a basic color green. There were fewer that did an off white armor color as you can see in the following pictures:

I will admit that I do like this color scheme, but I just feel that over the centuries exposed to the warp and rot of Nurgle the original color of the Death Guard armor would have sluffed off or been caked with all manner of disgusting material.  That’s why I went with a more brown/yellow, green armor color.

Personally I think the model turned out very good. I’m only disappointed in the fact that I didn’t have the paints to make bright almost glowing blue eye lens, and that I don’t have good lighting to make the picture turn out better. I believe that using Boltgun Metal for all the trim and metal bits works great, and keeps with fluff that Death Guard was not an army known for having their armor bedazzled with bling. If I were to do a Death Guard Chaos army, I would probably not use a lot of the Chaos Space Marines bits as I feel they are too ornate. I would instead use the Forgeworld Death Guard conversion kit along with the Mk III Iron Armor set with a smattering of Chaos Space Marine arms legs to construct my army.

I certainly love to know what you think about the paint job and color scheme that I went with. My next challenge is to figure out how to do sick decaying flesh and rotten cloth. Feel free to leave any questions, comments, or suggestions, and I will post a tutorial soon on how I painted my test model.